This post will list five of the most common uses and applications for grit blasting, but first, we want to briefly explain what grit blasting is. Grit blasting is a technique that uses high-pressure hoses to blast the surface, which is applied to shape, roughen, smooth or remove any contaminants.

Below you will find five applications for grit blasting. Grit blasting is used in different industries, so there are a lot more uses than five. Even the uses of grit blasting are broad, however, we want to shed light on five common uses.

1. Removal

One of the most common uses of grit blasting is the removal of scale, paints or sand from fabricated components. Removing elements such as scale and rust make it easier to work with the component, which is especially useful in welding.

2. Keying up

Grit blasting can also be used to key up the surface of components, which prepares the surface for thermal spray coating. Keying up the surface means that it provides a foot-hold for the spray coating.

3. Wet blasting

Water can also be added during the grit blasting process, which will reduce the amount of dust emitted from the service. Wet blasting gives you the ability to use fine or coarse material with densities varying from plastic to steel.

Wet blasting is especially effective when removing materials that can be hazardous, such as poisonous products and asbestos.

4. Goodbye Graffiti

Wave goodbye to graffiti as grit blasting will help you remove stubborn graffiti. This service is especially useful if you run a business and have unpleasant graffiti at the front of your store. Grit blasting will give your business a fresh and professional appearance.

5. Media blasting

This surface treatment, known as mediablasting, will help to smooth and shape hard surfaces. This process forces solid particles along the surface at very high speeds. The results of this process leave you with an even finish, perfect for work in the industry.

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