Grit blasting is a precise technique that uses high pressure hoses to blast the media which is applied to a surface to shape, smooth, roughen or remove contaminants. The process can be varied in several ways and the technique that you use will depend on what you are working with and the result you are hoping to achieve.

Depending on the nature of the work, grit blasting can vary from sharp, harsh particles which are driven at high pressure through to softer particles using compressed air. It’s a process that can be used to clean or revive an otherwise tired looking surface and it can be used to prepare surfaces for repair, as a method of cleaning or before repainting work. It can also increase the effectiveness of adhesives when they are applied to the surface.

Used in many industries and for many reasons, the abrasives that are used include steel shots, steel grit, crushed glass, glass beading, aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, walnut shells, corn cobs, plastic, baking soda, copper slag or ceramic grit.

The material that you use in grit blasting is very important because each of the materials listed above will produce different results because they differ in terms of density, shape, hardness and size. It is often recommended that you undertake sample testing with a small area of the surface before large projects are commenced. Equipment used to undertake sand blasting will also very depending on the industry. It can range from advanced equipment through to hand held devices.

Grit blasting is considered to be a vital process in certain industries because it is used as an effective technique to remove things such as rust, to create the desired surface texture or to prepare surfaces for treatments.

Uses for grit blasting:

  • As we have briefly mentioned above, grit blasting has many uses. Here are just a few of the different ways that it can be used:
  • Removal of scale, paints or sand from components
  • To roughen the surface of component surfaces before spray coating
  • Edge profiling, particularly on machined components
  • Providing a matte surface finish on certain products

The process of grit blasting is one that requires skill, precision and the right technique to get right. It’s important that you have the correct tools for the task and you choose the proper ‘grit’ for the procedure to achieve the desired result.