Blast Cleaning is the most effective way to remove rust, paint, grime, graffiti etc from most surfaces such as wood, steel, alloy, concrete and stone.

The process of blast cleaning involves the use of compressed air and an abrasive medium. Applications range form removing paint and other coatings from brickwork, timber, steel, concrete, glass,  stone, etc., to creating a guaranteed etch suitable for tanking preparation.

There are different grades of grit used depending on the desired effect and surface to be cleaned, for example: Blast grit is used on most steel products, gates, lorry chassis etc.

For on-site blasting for stone, brick and most wooden surfaces a SC grit is used this is a much finer grade giving a smoother finish so as not to harm any interior fittings.

Its uses in refurbishment projects are many and varied and can be applied to commercial/industrial buildings, as well as individual properties.

We can also clean boat hulls using these methods. Steel and timber hulls can be cleaned of paint and rust and treated for osmosis problems.

We blast wood to create a distressed, rustic appearance or to remove old paint.

Wet blasting

Water can also be added during the process to reduce the amount of dust in the blasting process.