Grit blasting is an effective and easy way to remove unwanted elements from different surfaces. This process can also shape smooth or rough surfaces, but have you ever wondered what materials grit blasting is compatible with?

Today, we will discuss different materials compatible with grit blasting and why this process is used for each.

What Is Grit Blasting?

Grit blasting is a technique that utilises high-pressure hoses to blast a surface to shape, smooth, roughen or remove contaminants. This process is used in many industries for various reasons, as it can remove scale, paints or sand from components and can roughen up surfaces to allow them to be spray coated.

Examples of Materials That Use Grit Blasting

Grit blasting is a popular method for preparing and/or cleaning the surface of an object. Below we will share some examples of materials that can be grit blasted and why.

Steel Furniture

Do you have steel furniture in your garden that you’ve had for years? The chances are that the outside elements have done a number on the paintwork or quality of the metal. Grit blasting is a great way to tidy up your steel furniture as it can remove rust, old paint that has started to chip or unwanted contaminants.

Grit blasting can perfectly prepare your old steel furniture for a fresh coat of paint or can simply clean up your furniture to make it look appealing once again.


If you want to repurpose old wooden furniture, you can use grit blasting to remove any unwanted material such as paint from the surface. Grit blasting wooden items are simple, fast and efficient. Grit blasting wood also offers some versatility as you can remove old stains, paint, discolouration or, more easily, with minimal damage to the wood.


Did you know that grit blasting can clean cars and even agricultural equipment? We all know how dirty vehicles can get, especially after holidays or country road trips. Agricultural equipment especially gets beaten up in the field and can look less than appealing.

Grit blasting can remove the layer of dirt accumulated on your vehicle, leaving a clean surface that you can paint.

Grit Blasting

The process of grit blasting requires skill, precision and the right technique. You must have the correct tools for the task and choose the right grit for the procedure to achieve the desired result.

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