With years of experience, we are able to offer high-quality blast cleaning services that would be perfect for you. One example of what we offer is grit blasting.

Grit blasting is a precise technology that simply put is a surface treatment process, which is applied to a surface to smooth, shape, roughen or remove contaminants. The treatment process is done by firing abrasive particles through a nozzle using compressed air onto the specific area.

If you are looking to clean up a certain area on your property, or you want to smooth down a surface before you begin welding, grit blasting is the way to go. The following list shares additional reasons why you should choose grit blasting, and why it is useful to you.

Remove Graffiti

Bad graffiti can be an appalling eyesore which is not good for the image of your property or business. If you want to remove graffiti in your area, then grit blasting might be the way to go. Grit blasting is a quick and effective way to get rid of graffiti and reveal the clean surface beneath.

This service is especially beneficial if you have unwanted graffiti over your business premise and wanted to make it look professional once again!

Brighten up your boat

If your boat hull is looking bland, grimy and dirty, grit blasting can make it sparkle. We can clean your boat with ease when we use grit blasting to remove all the dirt and grim. Grit blasting can revitalise your boat and make it look like new. Now you can set sail knowing your boat is as clean as it can be!

Smooth finish

Grit blasting is also a good process to use when you want to smooth down walls or other surfaces. Some surfaces have unwanted ridges or bumps that look out of place. Grit blasting will help create the smooth surface you are after.

Before welding, you need to prepare the surface by removing any sand and scale that has built up. After welding, grit blasting also helps to improve the adhesion of the coating.
If you are looking to prepare your surface before welding, grit blasting would be the perfect option to choose.

Clean up your act today

If you are ready to clean away some unwanted dirt or brighten up a surface then contact a member of our team today and we can assist you with any questions you might have.