Blast cleaning is one of the most effective methods to remove paint, grime, graffiti and rust, to name a few. Your wood, alloy, concrete, stone and wood will have a new lease of life, thanks to the process of blast cleaning.

This blog will share with you the top 5 benefits of blast cleaning and showcases how it can benefit you.

  • 1. Painting Preparation

The first benefit of blast cleaning revolves around what you do after you clean the surface. Blast cleaning removes all the unwanted contaminants, which makes the surface prepped and ready to paint or coat. A clean surface means that the paint will hold on better, and the appearance will be striking.

No one wants bits of rust beneath a layer of paint, or the old design visible beneath.

  • 2. Graffiti Removal

Whether you want to add a new design to the side of your building, or you want to get rid of some unwanted artwork, blast cleaning can get rid of even the toughest graffiti. Blast cleaning gets hard to reach places that spray paint might go, leaving you with a fresh surface to work with.

  • 3. Restoration

As mentioned, blast cleaning can reach hard to reach places, which makes it ideal for restoration purposes, especially for antique furniture. Blast cleaning can revitalise a vintage piece, and return it to its former glory, safely and effectively. The added benefit of using blast cleaning in the restoration process is that it will not damage the material beneath the unwanted contaminants.

Once cleaned, you can go about restoring the piece to its original glory and striking appearance.

  • 4. Speed

Unlike other cleaning methods, blast cleaning is a fast process that gets the job done effectively and quickly. The speed of this method means that you can quickly finish the process of blast cleaning and move onto the next step in the process.

  • 5. Dirt Removal

The final benefit on our list revolves around the removal of different forms of dirt. Whether you are removing soot, corrosion or chipping paint, blast cleaning can remove it quickly. Blast cleaning allows you to clean those hard to reach spots, proving you with a surface you can be proud of.

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