Whether you own a commercial or residential property, the exterior of your property matters a great deal. The outside of your property provides the first impression to your visitors, which is why clean brickwork matters.

Brickwork has minimal maintenance; however, cleaning is necessary in order to ensure long-lasting structural integrity. We will explain why you need to maintain your brickwork and how Blast n Baked can help.


Bricks are energy-efficient, fire-resistant and weather-resistant, which is why they are used as a building material. Bricks are ultimately made to last, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need maintenance. Regular maintenance can minimise cost, create a welcoming environment and can help your bricks survive for years to come.

Regular Inspection

Regular inspection of your brickwork will allow you to address any damage quickly before it becomes a bigger issue. You can check for crumbling mortar, damaged brickwork, moss or grime that needs to be removed.

Graffiti or Paint

While graffiti is unlikely to damage brickwork permanently, it can be unappealing on your building, especially if you own a commercial property. While some graffiti can be appealing and visually pleasing, other times, it might be unwanted. If you spot any unwanted grime, graffiti or even paint, grit blasting is a great way to remove unwanted elements. We use different grades of grit to ensure that the surface of your brickwork is not damaged, which results in a clean surface.

Clean brickwork will be more inviting to potential customers or visitors and will make an ideal first impression.


Certain plants can cause extreme internal and external damage to your brickwork. For example, vines can adhere to the surface of the brickwork and can erode it. If you spot plant growth on your brickwork, do NOT rip them off the bricks, as this can cause structural damage. Instead, you can cut the plants close to the soil, where they grow so that they can die naturally.

How We Can Help

Blast n Baked can help with the appearance of the cleanliness of your brickwork. We can effectively use grit blasting to remove rust, paint, graffiti, grime and more from most surfaces, including brickwork. We use compressed air and an abrasive medium to safely and accurately remove unwanted elements from your brickwork.

You can contact our team at Blast n Baked today, and we can discuss your requirements so we can get started.