One of the questions we frequently answer is ‘can you paint over powder coating?’ Since we provide both services, we have the experience and knowledge to answer this question. Of course, a lot more preparation is needed when painting on a surface that has gone through powder coating; however, the results are worth it.

This informative article will explain how you can paint over powder coating after taking certain steps during the preparation stage. We will also explain some pros and cons of powder coating and paint.

Powder Coating vs Paint

We have spoken about powder coating vs liquid paint before, which concluded that each has its disadvantages and advantages, depending on your project. Both have redeeming features, as the powder is durable and resistant; however, liquid paint wins when it comes to colour matching and has lower start-up costs.

Painting Directly on Powder Coating

Unfortunately, you cannot paint directly onto a surface after powder coating, as the liquid paint would not bind effectively with the flat and smooth finish. While it is difficult to paint after powder coating, it is not impossible; it just requires more preparation. First, you need to prepare the surface, and we can provide the details on how you can do that.

Clean Surface

The first step involves preparing the surface, which means removing any dirt, grease, dust or other unwanted particles.


Since paint cannot adhere to a surface after powder coating, you will need to prepare the surface by sanding it down. First, carefully sand the surface down, then wipe the surface with a solvent cleaner, rinse, and allow the surface to dry.


A primer prevents the absorption of subsequent layers of paint, and it provides a surface for your paint to stick to, which is important in this process. Primer can be used on almost all surfaces, including wood, metal, brick and drywall, to name a few. Apply the primer to your surface, using the instructions provided, wait for it to dry, and then apply your paint.

You may need multiple coats of paints, and the time frame depends on the number of layers you apply and the drying time between each.

Further Information

While there are a few more steps when painting over powder coating, the end result is worth the effort. We can help provide colour matching for your surface when using paint to create a splendid finish, or we can discuss powder coating with you. Contact us today for further information.