We have discussed how powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to different products and materials, and now we want to bring to light the details behind the process.

This blog post will demonstrate the process behind powder coating as well as common uses, why it’s so popular and the pre-treatment for powder.

The process

Powder coating uses finely ground particles of resin and pigment that have been electrostatically charged. This is then sprayed onto electrically grounded parts, and the powder particles will then stick to the selected part. The parts are then held together until they have been melted and are then fused into a uniform coating whilst baking in the curing oven.

Common uses

Powder coating has become very popular over the last 40 years, resulting in many household and industrial products that use the process during manufacturing. The main reasons for such popularity stem from the results being tough, durable scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

Why is powder coating so popular?

There are many reasons why powder coating is such a popular choice; however, the most common are that the materials contain no solvents and the process also requires no filtering, venting or solvent recovery systems!

Did you know that powder coating is also high-quality, versatile and environmentally friendly? Some economic benefits include an easy clean-up, no viscosity balance to maintain, as well as no flash-off time requirements.

Pre-treatment for powder

Before carrying out the powder coating, all parts need to be pre-treated. The parts are cleaned and undergo a pre-treatment where the surfaces are cleaned and all dust, oils, rust and more are removed. This process typically occurs in a spray chamber; however, all the parts are first cleaned with an acidic, alkaline or neutral cleaner.

Where we come in

We have a large powder coating oven and offer a range of paints and finishes. We specialise in the preparation, cleaning and coating, regardless of the size of your item/s.

To find out more about our powder coating facility and our paint and finish options we have available, you can contact a member of our team today! We are always happy to help should you have any questions about powder coating, or if you require any more information about our services. Call us now on: 01278 434364