Have you considered refurbishing your old structure or product? Refurbishing can offer an affordable and flexible approach to bringing life back into your building, product or structure.

This blog post highlights what refurbishing means, the benefits, and how Blast N Baked can help.

What Does Refurbishing Mean?

When it comes to refurbishment, it means the process of improving a particular object or structure by decorating, cleaning or re-equipping so it can do the job it was made for at the start. The process might include making the structure or object more efficient, decorative or even more sustainable.

Benefits of Refurbishment

Below are some of the benefits involved in the process of refurbishment.

New Life

Refurbishing can help bring life back into a sentimental piece of furniture you have. For example, if you have ironwork garden furniture, which lasts a long time, refurbishing it can help brighten it up and get rid of the rust that may have formed over the years.

Environmental Aspects

When you choose to refurbish your property or product, you are helping the environment instead of disposing of the current product/structure you are re-using and upcycling. When you are refurbishing, you are not demolishing or rebuilding; you are bringing life back to the current product/structure.

Improve Longevity

Taking the garden furniture example again, when you refurbish something, you are improving its lifespan as you are improving what you currently have. Over time garden furniture might accumulate rust, or the paint might chip; refurbishing allows you to eradicate those issues, leaving you with furniture that will last longer.

Examples of Refurbishment

In 2014, we had the pleasure of working on the refreshment of the 150-year-old Town Bridge in Bridgwater town centre. The bridge was run down, dull and lifeless, but we brought it back to life by working with our sister company, Black Bull Engineering.

When we finished, the bridge was full of life, brightly coloured, and detailed once again. Now the bridge is something the town centre can look at with pride. We have worked on a number of other refurbishment projects, including roller coasters, garden furniture and buggies. The overall aim is to bring life and durability back into each project.


Blast N Baked is on hand to help with your refurbishment, as we have worked on several successful projects. You can contact us today, and we can discuss your requirements.