Powder coating is a process that applies a protective and decorative finish to many different types of material. The powder includes a combination of resin and particles of pigment which are then electrostatically sprayed onto the surface. The powder particles are charged, and they then stick to the surface. The powder is then heated and fused to the surface to create a durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish. It offers multiple benefits including:

#1 No Solvent Waste

Solvents in traditional paints can be costly to dispose of and many countries around the world have introduced legislation which prevents them from being discharged into the atmosphere. The use of powder coating produces no solvents, making it kinder on the environment.

#2 Durability

When applied to a surface, powder coating offers a cost effective, long lasting and strong finish. Available in a variety of colour options, once applied, the surface covered in powder coating will be more resistant against chips, wear, tear, scratches and fading. The colour will remain bright and vibrant much longer when compared with traditional paint.

#3 Cost Savings

As powder coating doesn’t include any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)’s it saves businesses money from a cost saving perspective because they don’t have to worry about disposing of solvents contained within normal paints or other types of finishing products.

#4 Specialist Coatings

Powder coatings are incredibly flexible in that they can be applied to most metal surfaces in a range of thicknesses, textures and finishes which cannot be achieved with other coating methods.

#5 Curing and Drying

When compared with other types of coating techniques, powder coating offers much shorter drying, processing and curing times. A liquid coating usually takes several hours to dry without the application of heat in comparison with powder coating which will take as little as twenty minutes.

#6 Material Use

When powder coating is used, there is very little waste. Unlike liquid coatings when the over sprayed coating material is wasted, any uncontaminated powder can be recycled for future use. Overall, powder coating is a cost effective, long lasting coating product that will remain intact for many years when it is applied. It is also incredibly flexible and works well even on uneven surfaces.