Powder coating is a method of paint application and it can be used to transform all types of buildings. It is different to normal paint in that it’s almost instantly dry when it is applied to the surface. Electrostatic techniques are used to apply the paint to the surface before it is cured with heat. Once this process is complete the paint forms a protective barrier over the building or the material it has covered making it ideal for application on buildings or any other structure. Often used to coat metals it can also be used for all kinds of construction projects. To give you an idea of the potential uses and benefits of powder coating, here are just a few buildings around the world where powder coating has been used.

Westminster Abbey

The Weston Tower of Westminster Abbey was constructed as part of a £23 million project. The newly built tower included 500 leaded windows. To prolong their lifespan, powder coating was applied to every window frame.


Famous for its summer tennis tournaments, Wimbledon is another of the landmarks that everyone knows where powder coating has been used. In a project in 2017, cladding was fabricated to make the steps to the visitor galleries more appealing. The company tasked with the project created some appealing cladding which was then powder coated to transform something unsightly into a welcoming visitor area.

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Standing tall at over 160 storeys high, The Burj Khalifa is an impressive and imposing building and the application of powder coating transformed its exterior.

Windmill De Eendragt in Leeuwarden

As one of the more unusual projects, the careful restoration of the steel structured windmill was finished off perfectly with the skillful application of powder coating.

Deventer Public Library

Powder coating is well suited to steel construction which made it perfect for this project. The outside walls of the library were constructed from open sections of steel. The building was powder coated to protect and prolong the life and appearance of the building.

Powder coating is a flexible and long lasting method of preserving buildings. It is also durable too forming a protective finish that is much stronger than normal paint. One of the great things about powder coating is that it produces very little waste and it’s kinder on the environment too when compared with traditional paint products. Powder coating is only limited by the size of the oven used to bake on the finish.