Do you want to revitalise an old piece of furniture? Maybe you want to spark some life into a discarded item. Whatever the reason, the correct types of finish could do this, and so much more! This blog post highlights 3 different types of finishes, their benefits and drawbacks you should consider before deciding which finish to use.

What to Consider When Picking a Finish

Before we share the 3 different types of finishes, we want to share what you should consider before picking a finish. When selecting a finish, you should consider the ambience you want, how often you can spend maintaining the finish and what level of shine you want to have.

Matte Finish

A matte finish lacks the shine that gloss or satin finishes have, however, a matte finish is less likely to show certain imperfections such as marks and scratches that other finishes show. Most define a matte finish as being modern, sleek and sophisticated.

A drawback of a matte finish is that it is not as smooth as alternative finishes, which means that it might be harder to clean than a satin or gloss finish.

Satin Finish

In comparison to a matte finish, a stain finish reflects more light which is why it is used in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. A satin finish is also easy to clean and maintain, especially since dirt such as fingerprints do not stick to it easily.

A satin finish is also the most popular finish and is ideal for woodwork, doors and hallways.

Gloss Finish

A gloss finish refers to a reflective that can be applied to metal or other surfaces. A gloss finish on furniture or other surfaces can make a room feel bigger, which is ideal for space concise residential or commercial properties. Similarly to a satin finish, surfaces with a gloss finish are easy to clean.

Imperfections are easier to notice on surfaces with a gloss finish, however, which might make it unsuitable for homes with pets or small children.

Paint and Finish

We offer a range of RAL and British Standard colours that is suitable for both smaller and larger items, which means we are happy to help if you require assistance. Contact a member of the Blast N Baked team, and we will assist you with your requirements.